Service tax

sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)

12 April 2016  

1.can any one help me for the following

1can any one upload the latest ST-3 EXCEL UTILITY I have downloaded from aces but not sure it is the latest one  since swach bharat cess provision is not there in modified ST-3

In the service tax return we have two things one exemption under which notification and serial number is to given and another one is abatement for which notification and serial number should be given please can any one help me what is exemptions and what is abatement  and give  the notification number and serial nu,mber which has to be filled up in ST-3 Return for the following services

1.Manpower Recruitment -here we are receiver of service

2.Works contract here we are both provider and receiver

3 sponsorship -we are receiver of service

4.directors sitting fees -we are receiver pf service

5Restaurant service- we are provider of service

6.Rent a cab- we are receiver of service consultancy- we are receiver of service

8.GTA -we are receiver of service

9 Real estate Agent service-we are provider of service

10. Renting of Immoveable property-we are provider of service

11.Construction of residential complex-we are provider of serive

Kindly help  thanks in advance