Sec 40 (A) (3)

Deepak Agarwal (Chartered Accountant) (117 Points)

16 July 2011  

Hey friends..

Yesterday i posted a query regarding sec 40 A 3, and i got some important reply stating that if there are two different invoices or vouchers,,, then they represent 2 seperate expenditures, and the sec 40 A 3 applies on "an expenditure" as the wording the sec has...!!

But then what's the role of "Aggregate in a day" as inserted from the A.Y 2009-10.

I have also make discuss the issue with my teacher and C.A, and they also agree with me that even though the exp or payment are represented by 2 or more invoices, the aggregate amount in a day must not exceed 20000 otherwise the whole exp or payment will be disallowed.

Please share a clear view regarding the sec.