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I am doing ROC Search report of a private company.

As per portal, there exist no records in the index of charges of the company.

This company has done annual filing only upto 31.03.2007.

As per that balance sheets up to 31.03.2007 also, there are no secured loans outstanding.


Now, I am of the opinion that we should state that 


No Charges exist for the Company as per the Index of Charges available at the online portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

No documents exist for the category of Charge Documents.



and say in the last para that 


As per the Balance sheet filed by the Company for the year ended 31.03.2007 with the Registrar of Companies, there are no secured loans outstanding. The Financial Statements for the years ended on 31.03.2008, 31.03.2009 and 31.03.2010 were not available at the online portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.




My boss is saying that we have to look at the audited statements for 2008-09 with the company and then give search certificate.

This has not been filed with ROC, and we have to take a leap of faith that this is a genuine balance sheet.




Isn't the whole concept of ROC search, restricted to what could be verified from MCA?


When certifying, why rely on a balance sheet which has not been filed with the ROC?

How to ensure its genuineness without probing into the minutes book etc? (minutes book is not likely to be available)



Please revert to me.



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Dear Friend

Check the ITR (Income Tax Return) and Other Returns.


Then you can check and provide Form 66.




Hi Nitin,

Thanks for your reply, 


Sorry i have used a wrong word in the first post...

Its search certificate and not search report...... :(


My ROC search is not for filing Compliance certificate.

It is for the limited purpose of identifying the existing charges for granting loan by a Bank.


So is it correct to rely on the statements being produced before us?

Please tell if the scope is restricted to portal search or other documents available outside the ellectronic repository....?


Dear Friend

in my views there is no restrictions for searching by paying rs 50. i dont know why its not allowing you for searching.

Try Again



hi nitin,

thanks again....


This company has not even filed the docs at ROC..... 

I am asking, actually we are giving ROC search certificate,

why rely on something which is not even filed with ROC, especially important thing like B/S...?


If we are looking outside the ROC records, then we are taking unnecessary responsibility no?


Dear Friend

You are giving ROC Search Report with Certificate and this report / certificate you can give upto the year return or documents has filled with it.




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