Rnor or nri

Jigu (Student) (21 Points)

09 July 2019  

I left India on March 15, 2015. After that never visited India. I stay only in India before 2015.

Q1. I want to file tax return. Which ITR form I have to select ITR 1 or ITR 2 for Assesment Year 2019-20 (before July 31,2019 this year) ?

Q2. I tried to study Indian resident status rules but not able to understand its language. Please guide me which status I have to select while filing this year - NRI or RNOR ? 

Q3. I have few fd's interest and tax deducted at sorce, will I get that in my return assuming my total Indian income this year is less than Rs. 50000? Is it advisable to file return at all in my case ?

Please help.