Rewrite Your Destiny...........

CA Sanat Pyne (F.C.A. & M.COM) (19992 Points)

27 June 2010  

Rewrite Your Destiny

How many of us blame "destiny" when we're going through tough phases of life? We hear people say, it's bad luck. But is this "luck" thing really so harsh and irreversible?

Though few events of our life like birth, marriage or death are controlled by destiny, when it comes to hard times, opportunities, or challenges we can repeal them by our "karma"- our deeds.

Even when passing through the roughest period of our life, we can turn it in our favor by hard and righteous work. No good deed goes without being paid off and it does have the power of changing the fortunes.

For example if one has worked for 20 hours in a week, the employer will pay for 20 hours. Similarly if we are walking on the path of positivity with great faith in the almighty, performing our karmas, we'll be paid off. When and how? Better we leave this calculation to the most compatible one - the god himself.

Even when nothing seems obliging or working, it's better to keep trying to make something good happen rather than sitting or blaring.

When trapped from all sides in a dark cave one is not supposed to break the rock straight away. One hollows out a small hole amid rocks to let the sunshine and air come in to avoid suffocation. Then efforts are aimed at breaking free.

Human life is precious and powerful. This power is "will power". However this "will power" has to be coupled with undeterred hard work, commitment and positivism. And if you are doing so, no matter how tough stiff the problem is or how tough the time is, it will have to change as result of your "karmas" and you will rewrite your destiny.

The secret lies in being vigorous and not surrendering. The secret lies in always striving to fill the gap between "what is happening" and "what you want to make happen". The secret lies not in being the victim or spectator of circumstances but in being victor of circumstances.

The secret lies in rewriting your destiny with gusto.

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