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I am SUBMITTing MY REVALIDATION FORM FOR IPCC today .WILL I BE ABLE TO FILL UP MY EXAM FORM FOR MAY 2014 ATTEMPT .WHAt will be my revalidation date????please reply asap.and if i submit today by hand ,will i be getting my revalidation done today itself?????SEEKING URGENT REPLY.PLEASE HELP

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revalidation generally takes 5-6 weeks.


Dear Nishant,

Please dont worry anymore, since revalidation process takes more than 45 days..


Firstly....Even i had the same problem , my registration expired on 29th jan and i applied for revalidation on 30 th jan.....And it is damn sure that i may recieve revalidation letter only after 1month , since many of my friends too,very late..


Now comming to the point, it too contacted the CHENNAI branch Of SIRC, Headquarter and they responded that it will surely take a month or more max 45 days as they have a large they told me to apply for exam using the date on which i had applied  for revalidation ie, 30 th jan...


So dear dont worry, use todays date ie, 13th feb as revalidation date while filing online ipcc form...and before declaration of results, your registration will be subsequently revalidated and in due course and you will soon recieve revalidation letter...


And moreover before declaration of results ,,,,your results"" will not and never" be withheld as your registration is already revalidated ....


The results of those students who have not yet got their registration revalidated even before the day of declaration of results are going to be witheld by the EXAM CENTRE of noida..


Even got to know that NIRC headquarters too have long queue for revalidation of even they may too have to follow the same...


Sources - Had gathered all the above details, through emails sent to - Onlineexamforms @ and from Chennai SIRC Branch , and


So no more worries.....Start your preparation for ipcc and Blossom with success...


May God Bless You.... :) :) :)

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IPCC student

Dear Sir,


I too applied for revalidation to IPCC two days back, today i called Bangalore branch they told me i cant apply for ipcc exam through online as i have submitted my revalidation application two days back only, i should apply through physical Examination form cost of Rs. 500/- plus exam fees.

kindly tell me what the Bangalore Branch told is correct??????????


Thnx fr d reply ...i contacted nirc dey said ki leave dat column of revalidation date nd fill d form online

Frnd u may apply online for examination becoz revalidation generally takes 5-6 weeks i.e after last date of filing of examination form So u can apply online examination & there is very low chances of increase in marks after revalidation So keep studying & work hard.

Dear Vimala,


Being in Bangalore Your Regional council Headquarter is Chennai ....So please follow what the chennai branch has, to apply online using the "Submission date of revalidation letter as Revalidation date " - Though you many have not yet recieved revalidation letter...


Even the same message was conveyed by NIRC Headquarters to many students who applied for revalidation .


Because In entire india, it is the Regional coucil headquarters, like NIRC,SIRC,WIRC,CIRC who are going to issue the registration letters and the branch offices Like bangalore branch,lucknow branch....etc have very limited powers , as they are being monitored by Regional council headquarters....


So avoid confusion, it is exam time... just follow what Regional council says, and avoid what branch office conveys...


And moreover dont waste money by buying physical omr form ....just fill online and send it to new delhi by india post....


Now please avoid confusion.....and start studying for ipcc...Dear Friends....


May God Bless You all........ :) :) :)


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IPCC student

Dear Sir


Thanks for your reply


Dear Vimala,

Always Welcome............ :)


guys urgent query

i have cleared my ipcc 1st group...n now after 3 years want to resume ca i have to give ipcc 1st group again after 3 years...



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