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CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5464 Points)
Replied 30 July 2021

You got it wrong Mr Utsav.

My comment above is as a satisfied customer of Tradetron.

And I am a user of caclub since 2007. Almost 15 years. So calling my feedback as a salesman job is not apt. 

You shared ur experience, let me share mine. 

As human emotions play a paramount role in trading, i was looking for some platform for mechanised trading. Got access to a few websites, but liked TT than others. I tried to create own algo first, but you know it is difficult to gain expertise to do that.

There are so many creators on TT and i have selected strategies created by many of them. Used papertrading, and deployed a few strategies. Believe me, my experience is very very good. And i know almost all, who are on similar algos, having same feedback. People like me are daily 9 to 6 job doers, and platforms like TT are a boon for us. I have not paid a penny to any algo creator, whose algos resulted in loss, as we pay only if we make profits. So question of looting a customer doesnt come here. 

I understand what your concerns are. But the facts you have shared against algo trading is away from reality when we compare our ledgers. 

Sebi has done a remarkable job by increasing margins, so at least we are now safe from blue moon movements. I compare an algo as use of a indicator, which gives me power to enter without delay, hedge, trail SL and exit as and when i want. And it can always be hedged as well. 


I humbly request you to target those experts, who are making money by charging whopping five to six figure training fee. Or those, who are rigging prices of a scriptt before a news come in media.

Kindly spare this algo trading option available to retailers, which has enabled retailer like us to earn something in stock market, I request you. 

Utsav Kapoor (Student) (57 Points)
Replied 30 July 2021

You mean such salesmen with making false posts are justified?

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Pratap Singh (Director) (36 Points)
Replied 30 July 2021

Hello Utsav Kapoor  Well articulated material

But looks incomplete you missed the second biggest player of Algo trading, Algoji Enterprises Pvt Ltd 

Who claims to be the the first bridge for algo trading, I mean lil surprised so much of research and analysis you did but how can you miss Algoji.

A player who just doesn't run the bridge but provide a complete dashboard for dealer trading without any compliances.

Attached is the link to video wherein openly broker and dealer terminals being promoted by Algoji and that too since past 2 years.

Also your research is lil incomplete looks like are u really utsav kapoor or utsav pareek an employee of algoji enterprises.

according to this article we should go back to medieval times screaming in stock market and selling shares, 
will that be good. Grow up kid learn some knowledge first as a student as u claim looks like you have missed the bigger names like ALGOJI

Infact even algofox another platform there are lot more i can make the list go counting.

Also just to remind you on recent article by Sucheta dalal on freelancers, even they should apparently take approvals before coding any strategy and not be surprised your missed partner Algoji is running a freelancing site
mycoderspro filled with many coders so i think even that's the point of concern how can some one run the show with an army of coders openly promoting the ones who can help you manipulate the stock markets using open available apis.

So next time do your research better. Looks like you a pet to ALGOJI


Pratap Singh (Director) (36 Points)
Replied 30 July 2021

Either you are careless or mentally challenged trader, should have quit at 10000 or maybe at 2 lacs at 10% of invested capital that you are not logical enough to be a trader so why blame the softwares.

Its like mercedes involved in a road rage blames on the company mercedes and not the driver, you were the driver of your own capital.

All the facts which you claim to be true are falsified as like your identity.

should not say this but guess you wanted to live in stone age and thats why your organization didnt find you fit as you are against the technology.

Think again before you call yourself from IT industry because IT is all about innovations and making life simple.

You bring thomas edison back to life so that he can scream loud as leds are not right.

In fact another thing that surprises against the IT and still using such forums to raise your voice against all false facts, is this justified why not use a 0.50 paisa postcard just like medival times.

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Utsav Kapoor (Student) (57 Points)
Replied 31 July 2021

Since most people posting in my thread are replying without seeing the references, I have uploaded pdf for easy reading here

Thanks to everyone who appreciate my writing skills. I am writing a book on same matter. 

Anyone who thinks can stop me should not try to waste efforts in this direction. My article is already viral on several places over internet, doing rounds in every telegram/whatsapp group related to algo trading. I have talked to a publisher and the book will be coming out within a month. Cheers!


Anil Rajeev (23 Points)
Replied 31 July 2021

how do we know that you lost all this money that you claim here and your other stories?  how do we even know you are actually Utsav Kapoort? You seem to have taken screenshots from thee Tradetron Telegram group and posted here. you could have taken some time to create a poll or ask 2000 + members there about their experience. If you had a bad (stupid) experience, why should others suffer. If you had a road accident, should others stop using cars or even the roads!!! Should transport authority be responsible for that accident! Grow up man! Why dont u talk about brokers stopping giving away API access to retailers or asking NSE or SEBI to stop FNO trading, for a change. 

It is very clear, what your objectives are here by specifically talking about algo trading and too by naming everyone here. You LOST because of your own stupidity and trading in FNO, algo trading was just a means to that. I am not surprised that you lost the money. I wonder which strategy in TT made u lose your money, as you would have been so stupid to lose such a big amount, using algos. May be u went to a coma for 3 months and woke up. 

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Pratap Singh (Director) (36 Points)
Replied 31 July 2021

So much of planning but dodged the question asked above

Brokers highlighted doesnt include fyers, finvasia, profitmart, smc, bn rathi, Interactive Brokers and many more coz they all clients of ALGOJI.

As a professional trader algo trading is a boon to us and he just wants others to be troubled.

So much of stupid emails and evidences but no actual facts which broker, which day did you make loss, which strategy, what was your initial investment, where are the contract notes. Why didnt you stop with initial loss and looked for something else. It was your greed to be a millionaire in one year.

Its like smoking everyday with a warning on packet and blaming companies u didnt mention how many cigarettes i should have in a day. Seriously i wonder Man to what extent a shallow person like you go to.

ALGOJI is openly promoting on fyers group forum that fyers members are safe and blah blah blah

In hindi there is one word for people like you In india begins with C and in America begins with A smartians will understand.

As professional traders we first learn where to control a exit limit over our business.,

Even Mallaya conspiracy or fraud is nothing in front of you, and your stupid stories, i can go on writing a lot more but this is enough for all to know the credibility of your content.

But honestly only an idiot will publish your book, focus on finding some work which you lost last year I guess or i guess the people whom you a pet too are paying you up for this crap writing stories.



Naval Joshi (Data scientist) (14 Points)
Replied 03 August 2021

Lol, the picture given by Utsav shows you are a salesman.

The problem here is the conflict of interest, that algo sellers like you(CA-CWA-Ravi) have.

You just want to protect and push your agenda of selling your algo, but not look at the core issue from an objective set of eyes, which clearly shows big non-compliance happening in the industry. You might be here for 15yr or 50 doesn't matter, you have closed your eyes and are supporting something which is legally wrong and you know it, and so are other people. Hire a lawyer and have them go through all the SEBI guidelines and then put your next comment on what is right or wrong.

CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5464 Points)
Replied 08 August 2021

You should See the picture clearly.

You seem to be basically wrong in all aspects like this article story. I am active in many algo channels just because i am a subscriber of algo trading through TT. You can call me names, but i have each and every day trading ledger with contract notes to substantiate my point.

What you have to prove? Your and article creator both have created ids, on just same day to prove ur point, while i am an old member here. I knew you would call all algo supporter as salesman, thats only thing you have to defend your propaganda?

Actually, i have understood, this might be your agenda to sell your book or suppoet other platform! (whatever, I am happy with my current platform) . But you are playing with emotions of retailers here by writing ur unreal, fake appearing loss story. 

I request again, pls let retailer like me to earn a little through these algo strategies. Dont spread fake reviews to sell your agenda. 

Further, very genuine queries are raised by Mr Pratap and Mr Anil. You should revert them. 

zera t (4 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

Intact SEBI should ban retail people from investing/ trading as 90 percent are losing money. You are being a cry baby after you have lost your toy....

zera t (4 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

Infact SEBI should ban retail people from investing/ trading as 90 percent are losing money. You are being a cry baby after you have lost your toy....

Utsav Kapoor (Student) (57 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

Mr. Rajendran, still awaiting your reply. Please reply point-wise as mentioned in my book; kindly do not reply in story format.

Clarify how you come clean on:
1. Providing financial advisory without registration with SEBI via tradeaction/algoaction
2. Promising consistent returns via tradeaction/algoaction
3. Not providing the mandatory risk disclosure to clients on tradeaction/algoaction
4. Not executing clients KYC on tradeaction/algoaction/algomojo
5. Earning through brokerage even when earning through financial advisory
6. As a Sub-broker or Authorized Person, not displaying the name of the stock broker along with its registration number on website (“representations to investors at large”)
7. Not disclosing proprietary trades, positions and interests
8. Accessing and saving client UCC with password in Algomojo
9. Accessing clients stocks transaction data in Algomojo
10. Not maintaining records of financial advisory given to clients
11. Not protecting clients Intellectual Property and Copyright rights

Utsav Kapoor (Student) (57 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

Also those creating conspiracy theories, claiming my alias and all.... here is for your own reading:

A. Ms. Sucheta Dalal (famed journalist) T M L
B. Ms. Sindhuja Balaji (govt site)
C. Ms. Jayshree P. Upadhayay
D. Mr. Ved Prakash
E. Mr. A Simon
F. Mr. Vedant Goel

Utsav Kapoor (Student) (57 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

and Business Standard is latest in the list; not able to post link from Business Standard because of format issue. The title of article is "New investors, algos and a bull market".

I will like to repeat what I had written in this forum on 31 July:

Anyone who thinks can stop me should not try to waste efforts in this direction. My article is already viral on several places over internet, doing rounds in every telegram/whatsapp group related to algo trading.  Cheers!


Anyone who thinks can stop me should not try to waste efforts in this direction. My article is already viral on several places over internet, doing rounds in every telegram/whatsapp group related to algo trading. I have talked to a publisher and the book will be coming out within a month. Cheers!

Read more at:

Anil Rajeev (23 Points)
Replied 14 September 2021

Say hi to Sucheta Dalal and Dharmik Thakker on my behalf, please. Came here to remove notifications for any posts here. I hope you get the benefit of what you came here for really! All the best!

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