Remembering key to clauses-first schedule-part i ca act,1949

Rahul Soni (Chartered Accountant) (48 Points)

20 May 2014  

Hey friends. This is CA-Final student.. It was always tedious job for me to cram up all the 12 clauses of Part-I of the First Schedule of The Chartered Accountant Act, 1949..  So I’ve found my own way to reproduce them serially which I want to share with you all. I hope it will make easy to remember all the clauses chronologically without much trouble to your minds..

Here is a simple sentence which you all need to remember and it is –

U(1). S(2). A3. Partnership(4) Secures(5) an Advertisement(6) contract. Professional(7) Communication(8) is required with them u/s 225(9). Our remuneration will be decided based on % of Profit(10) of the Business(11) and the contract will be Signed by Others(12).

  1. U                          = Usage of Firm’s Name
  2. S                          = Sharing of fees & profits with others
  3. A                          = Acceptance of profits from non members
  4. Partnership          = Partnership with other than CA in Practice – in India or outside India
  5. Secures                = Securing professional business
  6. Advertisement      = Advertisement related clause
  7. Professional         = (advertisement of) Professional attainments
  8. Communication    = acceptance without Communication with the previous auditor
  9. U/S 225                 = acceptance without ascertaining the requirement u/s 225
  10. % of Profit             = charges fees based on % of Profit
  11. Business               = engages in any Business
  12. Signed by others  = Signing of report by others