Reappointment of independent directors

Khushboo Maheshwari (Company Secretary) (548 Points)

24 October 2015  

Would request you to please revert on the following query:

Our company had already appointed independent directors since 2008. Pursuant to section 149 of CA 2013, in the last AGM in September 2014, we had appointed these Independent Directors for a term of one year (presuming it as 1st tenure) from the conclusion of this Annual General Meeting (i.e. of 2014) upto the conclusion of next Annual General Meeting (in 2015) of the Company. Since there tenure ended on AGM on 30th September 2015, we reappointed them for a period of three years (2nd tenure) and this time from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2018 and passed the necessary special resolutions.

My query here is regarding the forms to be submitted, do we need to file one DIR 12 showing their end of tenure and another DIR 12 showing their reappointment or a simple MGT 14 noting their reappointment will be suffice? Also do we need to take the fresh DIR 2 & DIR 8 alongwith MBP 1 again from these Directors and if yes, what will be the date?