Realize your importance in CCI

Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (16295 Points)

24 November 2010  


Today i am very sad because one matter hurt me alot yesterday night.Thats why I wish to post this in CCI.May b many of you will think this is a useless matter but i dont think so.For me it is a very important matter.First i thought i wont post it in forum.But after thinking i decide to post it only becoz i want to know all of your opinion regarding this.

                 Before somedays one of my frnds in CCI delete his profile. I dont know actually why he delete his profile.Yesterday night i had a talk with him and i ask him Why?His answer was "he want to know his importance in CCI".Now he realise his importance in CCI..nobody even noticed he delete his profile except me and 3other frnds of him.I told him to create a new profile..but he told me he wont comeback.he asking me "CCI maim mai hu ya nahi kisiko koyi difference nahi then y i comeback"What answer i give him?

               We all saying CCI is a family for all of us.Think if a member of our family leave our family and noone even notice the matter how much it hurt that member.He lost nothing but CCI lost a very gud contributor.When we postsomething at that time everybody says you are a good contributor to CCI and after that noone even remembers others.If a person who is not active in CCI delete his profile then we dont knw he delete or not but" the person who delete his profile is a very good contributor to CCI.Then hw its possible noone even notice he deleted his profile..


              Always vikas says me dont b so crazy about CCI.Vo kahathe hey tum CCi use karo ya nahi kisiko koyi difference na padega.ab muje lagthi hey he was right..

              Plz dont ask me who is he..becoz i wont say.if i said who is he it will hurt him alot.Plz share your views.