work is worship (Service) (2728 Points)

06 February 2014  

A few general questions to start with

1.) Which countries other than India follow the financial year of April to March

2.) When was the First Accounting Standard approved.

3.) When was ICAI first established.

4.) Service tax was imposed on which services first .

5.) Which year was Service Tax Imposed.

6.) Estate Duty Tax was abolished in India in which year

7.) Why the Indirect Tax is termed Regressive Taxing Mechanism

8.)In banking Parlance , increasing trend in burden bearing ratio would indicate

9.) Who is considered pioneer of Credit Rating

10.)Capital Adequacy Ratio of 17.7  by a large bank would indicate

11.) In contract account, the percentage of completion method is an exception to

12.) During finalisation, bad debt recovered account willbe transferred to

13.) SEC is acronym for

14. ) Balance Sheet is also called

15.) Deffered credit will appear in the balance sheet under

15.) Who Introduced Theory of Constraint and in which year

16.) What are the three types of Performance Measure in Zero Based Budgeting

17.) Which Theory is called the 80-20 rule

18.) IFRS 5 refers to which standared

19.) How long can a Financial Year Be

20.) Who is authorised to sign the Board Reports

21.) What is the time limit for filing annual report with Registrar

22.) Full form of MODVAT

23.) What % of cenvat credit is available in the first year of receipt

24.) What is gift tax limit for Financial Year 2013-2014

25.)  What is the duty free allowance on jewellery for a Indian Lady passenger residing abroad.