Query regarding NPS

Rahul (Mr) (54 Points)

24 September 2023  

Hi All,

I need some help with NPS. I'm planning to register for it.
My main purpose is to get tax rebate by self-contribution of Rs 50000(Section 80CCD(1B)) and employer contribution(on my behalf as per 80CCD(2)) per year.

My company has provided a link for registration. It says HDFC Pension on that page. Does it mean that they are forcing me to select HDFC Pension as POP.
I had read that we can also register directly with CRA like NSDL, KFinTech, etc. 
Also, overall charges seems to be less with CRA as compared to POP:

Please share your thoughts and any dos/donts with regards to NPS.
Also, please share any good links or YT videos so that I can educate myself further.


Thanks in Advance!