Quarterly gstr1 return filed but gst system shows monthly returns not filed


I was trying to file GSTR9 return for 2017-18,

My GST registration started in September 2017.

I have filed all Quarterly GSTR1 returns Sep 2017, Dec 2017 and March 2018

I have filed all GSTR3B returns too.

But GST system is not allowing me to file GSTR 9 saying that I have not filed all returns.

When checking GST dashboard for each months I realized that it is showing that GSTR1 returns of Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb are not filed.

Thats strange because I was under impression that I had to file quarterly return.

When I filed GSTR1 December 2017 --- it didnt complain that I have not filed Oct, Nov 2017 returns. (it shudnt have allowed me to file Dec 2017 GSTR1 return if Oct, Nov returns were not filed)


My question is to workaround this... can I file NIL GSTR1 returns for those periods? Because all invoices are already entered in subsequent quarterly returns.


Will it cause any compliance issue?

Thank you


I think yes you can file nil gstr1 for that periods as it doesn't make any difference in your sales as your gstr1 quarterly is correctly entered.and at beginning you may selected monthly but you may not aware about it .and even gstr1 us not filed for previous month the portal allows you to file current month.


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