Qualities of king of romance; you should adopt in your life

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23 October 2012  



8.45 pm, October 21-  It was a typical day for me as I was fighting with complex problems of Costing just like most of the CA Final aspirants whose attempt will fall in coming November. Suddenly a call from my bro gave me the news which none of the moviegoer w’d like to hear. Our dear Yash Ji who gave a new meaning to Romance Genre and for me was the “Doctor of Relationships” had breathed his last around at around 5.30 pm in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. With the death of Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor and now Yashji one can say that romance in Bollywood is officially dead. You must be wondering that why on this earth that I am posting such stuff on this platform!! This is a financial platform and not a personal blog or a B-World site like Bollywood Hungama. According to me Yashji was an immense source of inspiration, and no one w’d ever fail in his life if he adopts even some of the qualities of this undisputed “King of Romance”.

Always follow your heart- I think very few of you might know the fact that Yashji was ought to pursuit a career in Engineering from London. He came to Mumbai to get his passport made so that he can go to England, but destiny had something else written for him. He listened to heart and shared his dream of directing the films with his brother legendary B.R.Chopra. He made his debut as an assistant director to his brother B.R. Chopra in his home production “Dhool ke Phool” and rest all is history. It needs a strong heart and nerves of steel to leave a lavish life, drop a safe option and accept an altogether different option with lots of uncertainty and high risk of failure. So, to be successful in life one needs to take the right decision at the right time and for that, one s’d always follow what his heart says.

Never contain yourself and aim for higher goals- Yashji has tasted success with Waqt, but he wants to reach greater heights that too on his own. So, he took a bold step and founded his own production company “Yash Raj Films” in 1973. He took the loan from Rakhee and made "Daag" starring Rajesh Khanna, Rakhee and Sharmila Tagore which was a Blockbuster. This production house gave him the platform to experiment with his work and transform his ideas into reality.

Accept your failures graciously – There was a time in 80’s when Yashji’s films bombed at box-office one after another. Even the cult-classics like Silsila and Kala Patthar c’d not bring audiences in the theatre. He had two options – one to blame critics and fans for his failure and another to work hard with new enthusiasm and he chooses later. Even his regular distributors refused to buy Chandni, but he somehow managed to release it and it rocked the Box-office. If one wants to achieve high in his life then he s’d learn to accept his failures and make them an inspiration to do better next time. It is good if you have cleared your CA in first attempt, but if have got stuck in IPCC/Final then also there is no need to worry. But for that first of all stop blaming ICAI for that. Accept the fact that you have lacked somewhere, rectify your mistakes and give your best shot with full energy.

Never let the flavor of Success rules you- The best thing about Yashji was that he was never carried away by the glamour of success. He was a very down to earth person. I have seen a lot of CA students who after clearing their CPT and IPCC exams with decent marks start behaving as if they belong to an altogether different planet. But soon these people are brought to earth after facing a failure in IPCC/Final. Friend nothing in this world is eternal. So, one s’d keep his feet on the ground and respect others. If you don’t believe me then follow the example of Late Rajesh Khanna and Mr. Amitabh Bacchan.

Just remember the following lines:-

Mujhse Pahele Kitne Shayar Aaye Aur Aakar Chaley Gaye,
Kuch Anhein Barkar Laut Gaye Kuch Nagme Gaa Kar Chaley Gaye,
Woh Bhi Ek Pal Ka Kissa Thhey Main Bhi Ek Pal Ka Kissa Hoon

Kal Aur Ayenge Nagmon Ki Khilti Kaliyan Chunnewale,
Mujhese Behetar Kahenewale Tumse Behetar Sunnewale,
Kal Koi Mujhko Yaad Karhey Kyon Koi Mujhko Yaad Karhey,
Masroof Zamana Mere Liye Kyon Waqt Apna Barbadh Kare,
Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon

Winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently- Have you ever noticed that the person who gave us the most romantic Jodi of SRK-Kajol never repeated this super hit Jodi in any of his movies. Similarly, if you want to survive in this competitive field of CA then you have to consider doing different things because of the dynamic nature of this field.

In the end, I w’d suggest you to follow his qualities “JAB TAK HAI JAAN”…

“The man who made me fall in love, who made me love love stories, who gave me the actors I adore most i.e.. Mr. Bacchan and Mr. Shahrukh khan, who made me love romantic novels, gave songs that will make any girl fall for you, who gave me all the romantic lines that I w’d deliver to my beloved, who taught me how to seize the moment, who showed to us that we can say a lot without even uttering a word from our mouth is no more....
RIP Yashji, the king of romance....whole world will miss u...the ones who were in love, are in love and will fall in love”- Pulkit

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