Proxy and how to use a proxy.


Proxy means a fake IP Address. Whenever you use anu website or open any email account and the time whenever you access the website or login to your mail account, then that website server records your real ip address. For example, when you login to CAclubindia, the server records your ip and you can be traced easily though you have provided fake details on your profile or using fake name on profile. You are exposed to everyone on internet. Your all the activities can get traced.


By using proxy, you hide your real ip address and other people and even website servers will record fake ip that you are using and you cannot get traced.


How to use proxy?


There are many softwares and freewares to use proxy. I am giving you an example.


Download a freeware from this website:


This is easy to use software and free.



For Moderators:

Here I am not teaching others any hacking tricks. This is just a trick of anonymous surfing and a matter of knowledge. So do not delete this forum