Proposed removal of isca from ca final in new scheme !!

CA Himanshu Bansal (Risk Manager) (2345 Points)

16 February 2015  

Hi Friends,

The draft new scheme of education and training is released by ICAI, and as we all know, ISCA is proposed to be removed from the syllabus. The logic written in the draft for removal is " Having two times IT training in the scheme ". Now I dont know about others, but I am not able to digest the reason given by ICAI. Everyone is aware of these ITT trainings and the stuff learnt in such short trainings. That cant be compared to a full length paper of CA final.

Now the reason which comes to my mind is that ICAI is realising that Systems Audit is not the cup of tea of CAs. May be because of lack of practical exoposure in Articleship, we are unable to perform in the subject. This subject has become nightmare for all of us(exceptions exist). Moreover, ICAI demands that their study material should be crammed in this subject, and exact points should be written. This is BOON for crammers, and curse for people who used to understand and learn.We audit the financials, because we know how the financials are prepared. We know each and every aspect of financial reporting , so are good at auditing them. But are we aware of each and every aspect of systems development ? Do you think we can audit systems better than their developers ?

One more question comes to my mind is, why dont they remove this subject with immediate effect ? We the present students are undergoing with this torture, and if ICAI thinks this subject is not cup of tea for us, WHY DONT THEY REMOVE THIS SUBJECT WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT ?

Please express your views in this regard and lets have a healthy discussion.

Please note that these are my personal opinions.People may have different views.