Problems with Eten Final Classes(Pls Read and Comment)

Ankur (CA Final Student) (999 Points)

17 June 2011  

I have joined May 2011 batch at CP branch of eten for accounts and sfm class.

It came as a shock to me to not only find out that it was a new center, but also that their were no students in my batch for either of the two subjects...

Moreover, no SAS or tool thru which you can ask questions are provided their...................Even now after 3 weeks i have no clue when it will be installed.

Leave the CP center, the books were not provided to majority of Delhi centers for either of the subjects and i got my SFM module today..........on my 9th class when "Forex" chapter is 98% complete!

Secondly, i had 2 classes of these 9 of SFM cancelled because of problem at center and no video has been provided for these missed lectures...

I have no clue who to contact, as coordinator at this center are complete newbies and i have to talk to them everyday b4 class, to get some work out of them.....

I would request other students who have taken classes in past or are currently taking plz help me and advice me!!!