Poem on memories

CA Mansi Kotecha (Keep Smiling !!) (6890 Points)

09 August 2013  

Poem on Memories


Memories always haunt,

Cz that awesome time,

To relive, is what we want !!


The greatest treasure in our life,

Is bundle full of memories,

Which we carry with us,

When time flies like a leaf !!


Sometimes, bad memories hurt,

But don't get disheartened,

Just throw it out as a dirt !!


Memories never die, they last forever,

So gather max. sweet memories howsoever !!


Memories are our best friend,

They never leave us till the end !!


Memories, sometimes brings a smile when alone, ya, make us cry in crowd,

Sometimes makes us feel very low & sometimes takes us on cloud !!


p.s : Written by Mansi Kotecha