Pls help me!!!!!!!!!

spendinsumtym (student) (180 Points)

20 November 2011  

Hi everyone!!

I am student of CA Final and my exams are in May 2012, I have not started studying as if now....My articleship was damn tiring and hectic and I was always being sent on outstation audits for long durations........i cudnt studied properly because of this....No my CA is allowing me 4 months off from Jan 2012 to Apr 2012 for preparation....I took only accounts coaching.....

I enrolled for Costing and  MAFA coaching but missed it totally becoz of oustation audits............

I am very afraid and scared and dont know wat to do???

How I am going to study 8 papers in this short duration...Lot of frens are through with at least 5 subjects and I have to start everything from scratch....What should i do???

How I am gonna study in just 4 months..... Not only this Lot of things are happenin in my personal front and I dont know how to keeep  personal things affecting ur studies...

I need ur support and suggestions...Pls guys help me in determining how to study and from where to study in short span of time plus how to make sure that ur personal life dont disturb ur studies????