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subhagan sreerangam (7040 Points)

29 April 2022  
A message received from GST Help Desk Below mentioned ticket has been Resolved
Ticket Number: G-202204268133842
Dear Taxpayer,
While filing GSTR4 (Annual) of any financial year, you may not have filled up Table 6 of the said return. consequently whether amount was paid through Form CMP-08 of the year was credited to the Negative liability statement.Now, the system has nullified such Negative liability from the afforesaid statement If you have utilized any amount from the statement, the same has been debited in the cash ledger .in this case the balance in the cash ledger has become Negative. Kindly deposit the amount through challan for such amount .in case you have already paid the amount the amount credited to Negative liability through DRC-03 or CMP-08 or GSTR-4 of next financial year, then you can claim refund of the excess amount paid by filing refund Application in Form RFD-01