Please help me

naroo (accountant) (184 Points)

09 March 2011  

hi, frndz

pl help me on the given problem below.

All purchase are from registered dealer.


VAT Class Purchase Sale Payable
CST VAT @ 2% 43000    
VAT @ 12.5% 27808 230339  
VAT @ 5% 1244 1178  
TOTAL 72052 231517 0

in the given table it is understood that i ve paid total vat of72052. the highest vat is 43,000 i.e cst vat.

i will claim VAT set off of pur @ 12.5% against sale vat of 12.5% and similarily of 5%.

but cant i claim cst purchase vat of 43,000. as i ve not cst sale vat.

pl help me in right calculation of vat.

thnx to all in adv.

pl helpppppppppppppppppppppp...............................