Please help me !!

sameena shaik (CA FINAL) (71 Points)

21 July 2012  

hey guys can you plz tell me which books you are following for dt and isca? i cleared group-1 in nov-11. and before that i got an exemption in isca (old syllabus) but this time i lost that exemption. can you plz inform changes in isca?? and iam not able to score pass marks in dt , plz tell me how to  study and moreover it is very sad to say that i have taken coaching for dt last time and i had put a big effort in that. this time i have to pass. is this 3 months are sufficient to prepare for exams?

iam really in a depression wheteher to continue or not becoz iam not able to reach the expectations of my parentscrying .they want me to settle down my life. this time i have to pass but i have a doubt whether again i will lose in aggregate? this time i got 160 marks in group -2. iam really in a confused situation.

plz give me some tips and suggestions..sad