Please help form 108 querry !!!!!

Kapil Rao (CA Final MCOM (Accountancy))   (804 Points)

09 August 2011  

Dear Friends,

                    I got registered for my aricleship on 27/01/2008 for 3 and half years. As i had to get transfer to new & big firm in mumbai i terminated my articleship with my previous principal on 17/08/2008 i.e., after 6 months & 20 days. Then on 18/08/2008 i re-registered with new principal for the remaining period of my articleship i.e.,till 31/07/2011 for 2 years 11 months and 11 days.

My querry to all u friends is this ---------- while filling form 108 wht period should i write ---------

1. period with my new principal, or

2. the whole period of my articleship ?????????