Please Come Forward to Help PE-II Students

Vishal (CA Student) (218 Points)

03 September 2009  

Dear CA ClubIndia Members,

       especially Rankholders of PE-II, Please guide PE-ii students who all are looking forward to clear every time and see a Fail due to lack of aggregates etc.

Now just like me, most of them have given 4 to 5 attempts but still not able to clear just by 5 marks or so in group-II. We all have put in our best efforts, Many experts from this platform have also guided us but still something is lacking due to which we are not able to succeed.We need to change ourselves. 

It will be very helpful if You all come forward share your Studying methods, Some small areas to concentrate that leads to success. I am sure many PE-II students must have faced similar problems and were able to get thro after 4 or 5 attempts.

Please guide us.There are lot of Students like me confused as to how to study the same subjects the next time also and face the coming nov exam. I don't want to leave this course. Looking forward for many successful replies