People who succeed in their careers are inquisitive souls wh

Namrata (Spirutial Being) (1841 Points)

27 September 2012  


In my opinion, it is all about the skills that one possesses rather than merely a qualification or some league of institutions that one has studied in. One's thirst for knowledge is another crucial factor. People who succeed in their careers are inquisitive souls who are always in a quest for finding answers. They want to know more, look up information, ask people who know it better and get it right. A willingness to learn continuously is another common trait found in most successful people.

Knowledge can be objective and it is mainly about being informed. Learning is a process and it can happen in any environment, whether or not related to what a person does at the workplace. Moreover, the mark of a good learner is that he/she can modify and customise what is learned for execution. The next step involves balancing empathy and assertiveness. Some might find that surprising since we all hear so much about focusing on what you want, keeping your eye on the target, etc. But, people who can balance their act between empathy and assertiveness make great strides in their career and life.

The ability to be sensitive to situations and people lends an amazing potential to an individual to make decisions tactfully. Last, but not the least, communication, like they say, is the key to success. We all know that each word- spoken or written, each gesture made or not made has a great impact on how one is perceived. Indeed, the manner in which one connects and shares his space with other people is a crucial factor in being successful and goes a long way in making that a lasting impact.

The winner, Bhavana Sharma, is manager-recruitment at Global Talent Track Pvt. ltd