Outward remittance Indian pvt ltd to DUBAI LLC

soran singh (Accountant) (172 Points)

25 March 2023  
one of my client registered their one Indian subsidiary in Dubai in Dec 2022.

share holding 100% of parent Indian company (pvt ltd)

ONE director's are same for both Indian and LLC -authorised one

another director is Dubai residence.

now I just want to know that how can I start transaction between Indian company to LLC

I want to do transaction as per below:-

1) share capital 150000 AED (pvt ltd to LLC)
2) payment of professional fee for formation (LLC to consultant)
3) PVT LTD TO LLC FOR INVESTMENT (like puchase of land)
4) LLC to pvt ltd for pvt ltd expenses , requirement.

plz suggest for any tax liability, invoice, documents, etc is need to prepare to do this.