Number of Attempts allowed in PCC

Rock (student) (1518 Points)

17 December 2010  

According to FAQ of PCC Course given by ICAI, PCC registration validation is 5 years from the date of registration.

On this base 7 attempts will be available in 5 years validation. It is because due to following reason

For Example :
If a Student Registered in JANUARY 2007 , his Registration Validation will be til JANUARY  2012.

Now CALCULATE , The Student Registered in JANUARY  2007 will get Eligible to WRITE First Attempt in

NOVEMBER 2008,then

MAY 2009,


MAY 2010,


MAY 2011,



according to above it is proved there are 7 attempts available for every PCC Registered Student .

After Expiry  of 5 Years validation you have to re register again.

It is my analysis and given clearly in the following link of ICAI.


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