Now i know why ICAI give 3.5% CA Final result!

CA Anuj (Chartered Accountant) (230 Points)

29 July 2010  

The CFA (usa) gives pass percent of 53%. CIMA (uk) gives pass percent of more than 50%. ICAI is not more popular than these prestigeous institutes of global acclaim.

Then why so low percentage.

The possible reasons, as discussed in forums, are:

1. To earn more money by stucking the students in the system.

2. Because the campus has proved a big failure in recent times. And there is no logic of passing more CAs when the existing one  are jobless.

3. To teach a lesson to coaching centers by killing students.


But, one thing that has crossed my mind is:

The ICAI people, those who have cleared the exam when the pass percent was 20% or more, wants to show the world that they are better than CPA of CFA as the course in India much harder to pass.

To raise their value in the global markets they are doing these stunts.


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