Not Proving Copy of Auditor's Report

Brijesh (owner) (32 Points)

16 April 2011  

I am a member of a Resident Welfare Association. The management Committee of the Association, for the year ended 31 March 2010, just provided a copy of the balance sheet but has not provided the auditor's report, even after my asking for it. Is the action of the management correct. If not, what are the remedies available to me?

The Annual General Body of the Association is slated for 24th April 2011 and the balance sheet is proposed to be passed that day. Most members of the Association are not concerned with the goings on and hence it is expected that the balance sheet, as presented will be passed.

I know for a fact that the management has spent a considerable sums of money without approval from General Body and hence are keen to not to presnt the Auditor's report.

Grateful for an early reply and suggestions as what I could do.