No takers for Ca final failed student

harry (Awaiting ca final results)   (461 Points)

05 June 2010  

I have appeared for the ca final exam for the 3rd in both groups. I have cleared inter (PE-ii)in the 1st attempt and have good academic record in graduation also. I have completed articleship in a small firm. I had applied for many job openings in many portals and attended interviews but was rejected by all of them.

It is pathetic to see that the payscale offered for CA inter/final is Rs.50,000 p.a. by most of the employers.  During campus interview in college we are offered Rs.150000 and above p.a. for alone. So, Is joining CA course is the crime which I have committed for which Iam penalised? CAs are not considered on par with MBA counterparts by most companies. How do I get out of this mess? I am really worried about where would my first job come from?