New joys to be lived

Manikanta Raju CA,CWA,(CS) (Industry) (4482 Points)

29 December 2010  

There's more to life than everything you already know. As each day unfolds, feel what it is to be alive more profoundly than you have ever felt it before.

There are wonderful ways you are capable of feeling, that you've never experienced before. Make use of the powerful creativity that is yours, and discover new corners of life's richness that you've never seen before.

Get out of the comfortable rut. There is so much more to life than comfort and predictability.

Somewhere within the possibilities of this moment, you will find beautiful and fulfilling new experiences. Life's abundance is waiting to be expressed in ways you have not yet known or even imagined.

The world changes constantly, and change can often be frightening. Yet it also continually brings forth new and positive possibilities.

Make good use of what you already know, and let it successfully guide you into valuable new realms. There are always new joys to be lived.


Have a Great Day Ahead…