New isca book in market!!

abhishek (mr) (241 Points)

28 April 2014  
Dear CA Students, Check out the India's Best notes on ISCA. If you don't believe than compare with all the reference books in market and than purchase it. Special Features: Use of Pictures for quick revision and easy cramming of answers and in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Instead of using first letters of any points, this book uses whole point and covers it in form of paragraph. You may remember the first letters in form of mnemonic but imagine how many common letters you would have read for single point. Use of Hindi Language in addition to module language for easy grasping. Use of charts that give bird eye view of entire topic before you start reading it. This would be of great help at the time of revision. Covering last 30 attempts exam questions. Cover Complete Syllabus Use of colored fonts to develop a liking and interest. Available for Rs. 600+ courier charges extra.(Courier charges waived for delivery in Surat) -- With Regards, Bhinang Tejani 09898054244/9033902259