My Suggestion for One CAClubindia CPT Student !!!

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04 May 2011  

I have started studying for cpt from last one week. i have a strong hope that i will pass. but at a certain stage i am totally afraid. because i am a self study student and especially leaving Q.T section.. so my question is that.. i am too much poor in maths. i dont even no tables. i know that it is very key role playing subject in our CA course. till i reach the final course definately i'll become a good mathematician.. but now for CPT i am expecting 20 marks from Q.T  ( more than enough for me. )   so please tell me which chapters should i go.. and please tell me easy chapters. i dont  know basics also from maths.


and please understand my capacity  and tell me which capters i should go.

Thank you very much


Hi Shashi,

I ma very happy to see that now you have enough confidence to pass CPT Exam. Let me tell you CPT would not be that much tough to creak with positive attitude. Always remember your main target is the membership of ICAI and CPT is just a first step.


Kindly observe the points below considering your case:


1.       Self study is indeed a good option to enhance your confidence and develop better understanding about the course.


2.        One pre-condition of self study is to be in touch with your friends for discussions etc. I mean self syudy in isolation (Akela Akela) is not a good idea.


3.       Another imp thing for you is positive attitude. Do not think that Math is a tuff subject for you...and if so then again there is nothing to worry my friend. Prepare special strategy to handle math.

Negative soch aapki koi help nahi karagi....Always remember this mantra...


So in math there is no need to expact less marks bcoz you are not less than any other good student of math. So think high as Sky has no limits.


I mean go for extra- concept clarity, practice more questions, practice questions given in Scanner. So my friend you can handle each and every subject.


4.       See i have no clue about the chapters of math but for me all chapters are equal. Further leave the policy of preparing easy chapters as this strategy is not going to help you in finals.

So prepare each and every topic with conceptual clarity.


Be confident about your capacity bcoz it is not less than anyone. Simply explore your interest.


So my dear trust my suggestions would be of some help to boost your confidence.


All the Best