My Questions related to GST

Nitesh Kumar (27 Points)

10 October 2021  

Can someone please solve my following queries on GST:-
1.If I am registered under GST (which I was not required to, as I did not fulfill the eligibility criteria for registration), am I still required to file GST returns, either in a regular way or through QRMP scheme and pay tax periodically? What is the periodicity of paying GST?
2.If I filed GST returns for first three months of this financial year on monthly basis, and could not file any GST returns after that, can I now convert my registered entity into QRMP scheme from regular basis? If so, what is the fine I am required to pay now? Will it be less than the case, if I continue in regular GST scheme?
3.What is the difference between QRMP scheme and composition scheme? When can I opt for composition scheme?