My first question

Naresh (CA ) (365 Points)

12 July 2011  

Hi friends, i m from science stream, I recently finished my 12th with 71%. I also got seat for Mechanical engineering, but i dont want to do, I want to become CA and appear for CPT this december...will it be possible for me??? I m really tensed, but I seriously want to do CA...I saw the portion for quantitative aptitude, Its very very easy for any science student, but I have no idea about the other 3 subject, Is it possible for science student to become CA?? People in my neighbhourhood, my friends also my family members, they all are thinking I have lost my mind...only top 100 student get the seat for mech engineering in my state (Goa)....I m litrally fighting against everyone....should i leave the seat? 1st of all, will it be possible for me to become a sucessfull CA?? I need some really serious advice, i m not getting proper sleep for few months....Plz help, Thanks