My encounter at local ICAI office

Sushant Lohani (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (1051 Points)

16 February 2010  

Yesterday; I went to the ICAI office to submit the CA final registration. There was chaos in the ground level due to the rush of buying / submitting  exam forms. I had assumed that the room for submitting the registration form would be hassle-free like the last time. I was wrong and a queue of 10 people greeted me. The line moved slowly eating into my nerves. Some of them had come to submit CPT registration form for their wards and some their ipcc/final forms. “Thanks” (???????) to the transfer ban; there were none to submit form 109.

In front of me; there was a dark complexioned boy nearly of my own age. I thought that he too had come to submit final form.  He was holding a different form. As I had downloaded the form from the net; I got confused whether I had downloaded and filled an outdated form. After minutes of  thinking whether to confront him or not; I decided to break the ice.”Bhai; you too have come to submit ur final form. Why is ur form different?”, I asked. Smiling he said,”No, I have come to register my firm.” My jaw dropped and I then started enquiring how his overall study was; his family; his attempts; plan; to kill time. At the end, I retorted,”Agar aap CA hoke bhi aap ko line mein rakhtein hein; and aapko bhauu nahi detey kyunki aap naye CA ho; hum toh article hain; hamari kya khatirdari karenge hamari institute?” Everybody(who were in the line) burst out laughing.

After “ages” of waiting; it was my turn to enter the cabin,I wanted to ask him about industrial training. Whatever I ask; he says,”website mein hain. See it.” Info for students are not updated regualarly and it is quite hard to find relevant info;whatever I asked he replied the same way. I asked about the proposal by our EXXX- president UP Agarwal to reduce articleship period of PCC students; he was clueless about that; and was thinking that I was pulling his leg. Before leaving; I decided to have some fun and asked him an question whose answer is obvious,”Humme transfer milegii.”He fumed.