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Ratheesh (AM) (36 Points)

09 August 2008  

Hi...Being a first timer in MFs, i have certain doubts regarding additional subscripttion and redemption.

1.) Last month, i have subscribed to 4 MFs via agent (Karvy), and thus 2.25% entry load was applied on the NAV. Now if i need to add on to this portfolio, should i need to pay 2.25% again on every such addl. subscrptions (No AMC branch is in my city)??. This is despite SEBI's notification of ZERO Entry load for MFs.

2.) If i need to redeem an MF at a particular date itself, what should i do? Should i communicate directly to the AMC, or will the Agent do this on that day's NAV itself? If i seek redemption on say, 08.08.2008's NAV, and even if my agent/AMC delays it till say 10.08.2008, will my sale be effected as on 08.08.2008's NAV itself?