CA Akshay Kumar Mishra (Chartered Accountant ) (1784 Points)

15 September 2010  


Why does Misunderstanding arise?Huh
Just because Sun sets, after every Sunrise?Huh

It is like a wonder ride,
Where Love and Relief goes side by side.

Some Relations Become Stronger,
While few of them Surrender.

Misunderstandings are good,
For every Livelihood.

It Save's one from the Bad,
Or just Prepare's one for the Sad.

Why do We hate it then?
As, the name itself is misunderstand,

We failed to understand.
Like Time in the Sand.

Misunderstanding are sometimes great
As truth in life can be bitter to taste

To justify and cry .
Think over this a little while

Closed palm with secret is Valued the most.
As even with 3 Aces game can be lost !!!

"Moral Bandh Mutthi Lakh ke Khul gaye to Khaak ke.

Kabhi Gair Samaj Zaruri hai Zindgi me...Ku ke Khulase Karne se Dukh hota hai.

Kabhi Kabhi Bandh Mutthi Lakh ke...Warna Teen Ekke me bhi Haar ka sauda hota hai !!!"