Mistakes in filling b/s in itr???????

Sushmita (CA-Final(Intern)) (262 Points)

31 August 2011  

Hello all,

This one is i think very serious issue,

I have Filed an ITR of a Pvt. Ltd. Co. and by mistake i entered amount of deferred taxation(LIABILITY) as deferred taxation( ASSET) and in P&L too, My balance sheet goes match, no effect on profit or tax.

Now after filing i recognized my mistake, so its my heartly request to all of you that please give ur valuable suggestions on it.

Can i correct that mistake in next FY by passing reverse entry or so(If the case not comes in scruitny).

Or i have to wait for CPC's requisition for rectification return.

Can it be said as a big mistake, i have newly joined as article.

please help yaar.