Medical Negligency


09 February 2011  

Dear All,

Please raise your voice against the big hospitals at Kolkata. Previously I had only heard about medical neglicencies from others but now I myself came across a situation where my husband is suffering from a severe infection from last 4 months. Columbia Asia Hospital is not worth...their claim to provide 21st century healthcare is all vague...they cheat people who trust them.... Small things are made big by these so called big hospitals....Columbia Asia Hospital Friends, this is to create an awareness among all and to let them also know who play with the life of people that we won’t keep quiet and will also not allow them to have a profound sleep. I challenge them that I will make their life miserable the way they made of my husband. Please raise your voice with me towards them.... Whom to rely upon? Where to go? Does we always need to move to some other cities for getting a proper treatment? The way I am at Chennai with my husband. Is this our Kolkata? When will they stop playing with people's life? Stop This......we would no more allow you.....I raised this voice not only for myself but for all who have gone through this trauma.....please support it...Ritu Bajaj