MCA Circular on Payment Fees -Electronically

SANTOSH SHAH (Company Secretary) (754 Points)

14 March 2011  
Hello All,
Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a Circular on
Payment of MCA Fees - Electronic Mode - Upto Rs.50000/-
Please find attached Circular for your reference.
1.  MCA views delay in transactions for which offline payments are made i.e, through Physical Challans.
2.  Payment Confirmation by Banks for Physical Challan takes 'T+3 Days'.
3. To Overcome Delay and improve service delivery time, MCA upgrades Electronic payment Limit.
4.  All Payments upto Rs.50000/- shall be made Electronically only w.e.f  27th March 2011.
5.  Payments above Rs.50000/- shall be optional i.e Either by Electronic mode or by Physical Challan.
6.  Payments above Rs.50000/- shall be accepted  Electronically only w.e.f  1st October 2011.
Santosh Shah