Matter of work contract`



good morning sir,
                              i want to ask you about service tax on work contract. supoose we give a contract  manoj contruction co.than sir when he will raised bill . than sir
1- he will add service tax 40% on material bill (execution of original works) as per changes from 1.07.2012 .
2-i will deduct 4.8%wct in his material bill. 
sir hare are example
supoose material bill exclude service tax is  20 lakh
20 lakh*40/100=800000
this service tax amount he will add in their material bill.
i will deduct wct 4.8% in this material bill.
sir this service tax amount 98880 deposited 50% by service provider and 50% deposit by service receiver. sir please chaeck and sir reply sir