Maths quiz???



Simple Maths Quiz enlightened
1 One half of the student body at Shriram College study French and one-third of the others study Spanish. The remaining 300 do not study any foreign language. How many students are ther in Shriram College?
a) 360
b) 550
c) 900
d) 1350
e) 1800
2 Ms. Sharma owned 5/8 of an interest in a house. She sold 1/5 of her interest, at cost of Rs. 1000.What was the total value of the house?
a) Rs.3000
b) Rs.4000
c) Rs.5000
d) Rs.6000
e) Rs.8000
3 Of Ashok's salary, 1/10 is spent for clothing, and 1/3 for food and for rent. What part of the salary is left for other expenditure and savings?
a) 17/30
b) 3/5
c) 19/30
d) 2/3
e) 7/10
4 A man leaves his estate to his wife and two sons. If the wife receives 1/3 of the estate and each son receives 1/2 of the remainder, find the value of the entire estate if each son receives Rs.4000 as his share.
a) Rs.6000
b) Rs.12000
c) Rs.16000
d) Rs.18000
e) Rs.24000
5 In a graduating class with the same number of boys and girls, 1/8 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys are honor students. What part of the class consists of boys who are not honor students?
a) 1/12
b) 1/6
c) 7/48
d) 13/48
e) 35/48
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