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major problem pls help me

lakshay (ipcc) (581 Points)

05 January 2011  

hey friends i am rishabh an ipcc student..my attempt is in may 2011..i have been an average student since my chilhood..i joined ca because my dad told me to do so...frankly speaking i dont have any inside urge to do ca ..i feel that its boring ..by the way dont have any interest in anything..i just want to sit and watch tv , listening songs , enjoy with friends etc etc ..thorughout my life.

.i am kind of lazy guy i will give both grps in may 2011..but these are the problems that i am facing when ever i am trying to study..

1) DAY DREAMING - it is the biggest problem of mine..when ever i sit to study , i start to day dream about girls and all that crap that i dont want to write here.if i listen to songs then also the same problem ,ie day dreaming..i dream of success which i know is nt possbile without hard work , but cant help it

2) losing interest- jab tak i am getting all the things tab tak i will continue studying but as soon as i get any thing tough i loose interest in it ( i dont have the will to understand tough things

3)after studying for even 2 hours i am like thinking ' jaldi karo ise ,will watch tv or will sit on facebook after this'

wats my problem ..??...i have read so many motivating articles on caclubindia specially of ankur sir .uska effect muhj pe only 2-3 hours tak rehta hain..after that again day dreaming and all..huh..i am seriously fed up of this.

.i dont want to care even if i look stupid to guys and gals .for these 4 months for these 4 months , how to just ignore all the things around me , tv, facebook , girls etc etc

i have came across one article in which one guy wrote DRINK CA , SLEEP CA , THINK ABOUT CA..

how to do it...i want to be passionate about ca . PLS HELP ME . your posts can change my life friends..

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CA CS Preeti Mehta (nil) (635 Points)
Replied 05 January 2011


WEll saying the truth, Motivational readings/ posts motivate u only for sometime..ULtimately its ur inner will or people call it as will power that keeps on moving..

ANalyse urself..
Ask urself as to wad u want to achieve in life....If d answer is still nothing, den sorry to say but ur life is a waste..
So first thing u need to  do is to find out wad u exactly wwant iin d life..
All d  best...

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CA Rohit Garg (CA ) (330 Points)
Replied 05 January 2011

Agree with Miss Preeti..


to be frank with u i do have the same problem u r just dreaming abt it i had lived all this in my life and wasted 9-10 years what i m doing today after looking for a business for 7 years now i want to be a ca and given the exam this year and hope ful to clear it just no one can help u rather than ur self , if u want to waste the time u can and if u want to make u r life u can , again if u dnt get out of it dnt worry life will make u to take out of it but in that process u will loose 10 years now u need to decide abt what u want to waste 10 years or want to carry on right now

again anything pasted and posted it not going to help any one thats to be kept in the mind


and i like to congrates u for daring to tell what u fell abt bcause its needs lot of courage however what ever any one tell i do understand u r position but its the first who need to take the step ahead , although u can get lots of help but the first step u need to take by yourself

lakshay (ipcc) (581 Points)
Replied 07 January 2011



so i hopeu understood and able to conenstrate on studies rather than all other stuff really speaking  life u teach u everything

Rahul Agarwal (N.A.) (111 Points)
Replied 08 January 2011

you look a lot confused and disorientated. unless you have a clear focus of what u want from this wonderful gift called, "life" you will waste away another precious resource namely, "your time". think carefully of what you would like and act accordingly!!

ca cs shriyans jain (AUDIT MANAGER C.A C.S)   (7168 Points)
Replied 08 January 2011

My best suggestion to u would be make a group of ur c.a friends those who have an attempt with u. And do combine studies. So that u feel competing with one another. 2nd is if posb go to liabrary sit there automatically after seeing other studying u wuld feel the same.

CA. Kunal Lakhotia (ACA) (1006 Points)
Replied 18 January 2011

Agree with Miss Preeti..

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