She trod the path of duty
No whimper no protest
escaped her sealed lips
patiently she removed the thorns
while sharp-ridged stones
callused her compliant feet
she knew the soul of her soul
walked a half step behind
arms ready to hold and support
his love an emollient
healing life's bruises
as one they walked
the miles of twenty odd years...

And then his fragile heart gave way

Terrified, scarred, she stumbled on
For her children, for promises to be kept
Unshed tears bled into her heart
An ailing, protesting body flared
In ulcers and immobilizing arthritis
Defenseless against even flies
With indomitable will power
She remained a paragon of courage
The embodiment of love and sufferance

Ma, no award, no medal, no praises
Accompanied you on your final journey
None could recompense your worth
You are the laurel cherished with pride
By those whose lives you touched.

by Shernaz Wadia