Love, the secret key of life.........

Deepak Dargad (Chartered Accountant....)   (9787 Points)

14 May 2013  

Love, The Secret Key Of Life


World Exists Because Of Love

The world exists just because love still exists on earth, says Sri Chinmoy. If this one divine quality left the world, then there could be no existence on earth. Let us love the root of the tree. Then we shall see that the branches, the leaves and the foliage of the tree also feel our love.





Pure Love Leads To God

Love is the secret key that allows a human being to open the door of God. Where there is love; pure, divine love, there is fulfillment. What is love? If love means possessing someone or something, then that is not real love that is not pure love. If love means giving and becoming one with everything, with humanity and divinity, then that is real love.




Unconditional Love

Where there is Oneness, it is all pure love. At every moment we have to be very careful whether it is human love or divine love that has entered into us or operating in and through us. If we give someone something and expect something in return because we feel that the person is under obligation to give us something back, this is human love. But if we can do something unconditionally, that is divine love. In divine love we give for the sake of giving, and we feel it is up to the other person whether to give something back or not. This is unconditional love, this is divine love.


The sun is for everybody

Divine love makes no demand. It is spontaneous and constant. It is unlimited in every way. It is like the Sun. The Sun is for everybody. Everybody can use sunlight, but if we keep our doors and windows shut, what can the sun do?




Inseparable oneness

Divine love at every moment illumines us, and in illumination we see total fulfillment. In divine love there is no possession – only a feeling of oneness. This oneness can enter into an animal, flower, tree, or even a wall. When we have divine love for someone, at that time there is automatically inseparable oneness. No bridge is required, we just become one.




You are important

Divine love tells us that we are greater than the greatest, larger than the largest; it tells us that our life is infinitely more important than we imagine.




Divine love

For those who want to follow the spiritual path, for those who want to feel God as their very own, I wish to say that love divine is the answer. In love divine the seeker’s real fulfillment and perfect perfection loom large. This is the easiest path. This love is most convincing, most effective. We all can practice the inner teaching by offering our true love to God. The more we offer this divine love, the more we fulfill the inner Pilot within and without.


Love is a reachable goal
Life divine is not an unreachable goal here on earth. You just have to know the secret of secrets. And that secret is to grow into divine love, where the lover and Beloved become consciously one, Creation and the Creator become consciously one, the finite and Infinite become consciously one.



Immortality happens right here

It is here on earth that we shall hear the soul-stirring flute of immortality. We do not have to go to Heaven or any other realm of consciousness. Right here, now, we can hear the message of liberation, enlightenment and divine fulfillment if we love for love’s sake, love for God’s sake.