My name is Rex Benny, CEO of Stalwart Green Global International LLC of 1626 Primrose Lane Panama City FL 32404, A victims of  BTC cryptocurrency Investment scam in 2021 I was contacted over by an online trader who specialized in binary options, cryptocurrency and banking instruments(BG) Forex trading. He said his company was on the cutting edge and used the latest technology and could offer guaranteed returns. I invested a few thousand and used their online platform, which seemed to work very well. I could see my trades were resulting in good profits. I invested more $ 1,039,000.00 million at their insistence and they promised I would earn even more.

When I wanted to withdraw my money I was told I would need to pay taxes on my profits before I could access it. I was never warned about this but they insisted I needed to pay taxes before I could get my money back. After I asked for my money, my trades started to fail and my accumulated profits were decrease. They pressured me to invest more so that I could reverse the situation by increasing my ‘trades volume’. They said I would lose everything unless I invested more as an emergency.

I feel very embarrassed by this scam they were very convincing and professional. They stated I would be ‘kicked off the market’ because my trades were failing and I was reduced to three per cent of my initial investment but by that point I knew it was all fake,

If not the help of E-reclaims who help me recover my Company fund of $ 1,039,000.00 million from the Scammers.if u are scam contact  the will help you Recover your fund. Report the scammers to all Anti Fraud information center trade site, Groups,Platform so as to stop them from scamming another please share to trade site.