Life without mobile

CA Shree Jain (Chartered Accountant) (1572 Points)

15 April 2013  

It's strange not to have a mobile phone.


Today nobody can imagine his life without a mobile phone.

Mobile phone is an essential part of our life. A mobile is a best friend of a person. A cell phone is a fashion statement for a person.

You should be very careful while buying a handset. A modern mobile phone comes with lot of features. This device keeps you connected with your loved ones. It is very simple to understand a cell phone. A handset can be compared to a two way radio. In old times wireless services were used by police officers and security guards. Before mobile phones were expensive but now they are easily accessible.

Nowadays every person can afford a mobile phone.




mobile is my life

The mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper due to competition among the mobile phone companies. There are thousand of phones which are being launched. The handsets are becoming smaller and smaller. The smaller is the cell phone the greater is the demand. You can even find a phone weighing 100 grams including the weight of battery. The small and thin phones are very comfortable and easy to carry. A small mobile phone can be easily fit in to a pocket.

The batteries are also getting lighter. The latest batteries are lithium ion battery. These batteries are used widely nowadays. These batteries are light and work for a longer duration. You should be careful while using a mobile phone. Never use a cell phone in high traffic as there is a chance of losing it. Keep your phone away from water. Water can cause internal corrosion. Your phone battery should always be dry. You can secure your phone by using a security belt. Never buy unsecured accessories available in the market. They can be harmful for your phone. Keep away your phone from extreme heat. Extreme heat can cause temporary loss of display.

Try to use all the features of the phone. Never spend money on useless features. Many cell phones are designed especially for business men. Nowadays phones are coming with all possible features. You can find a phone with digital camera, Video recording device, mp3 player and a radio. You should know all your requirements before buying a cell phone. You can consult your friends. It is a good idea to go through the reviews of a mobile phone. A review can give you information about all the features of a mobile phone. You can find a review of every latest phone available in the market. A person can save a lot of money if buy handset through an online mobile store. Online stores offer handsome discounts and gift coupons. You can buy your favorite phone at the comfort of your home.

Never forget to see warranty of a phone. Many mobile phones come with a lifetime warranty. Some stores allow you to replace your old phone with a new one. The website you are using should be authenticated and old. Always fill the appropriate details while buying a phone. Almost every shopping website is user friendly. Always look for discounts and gifts as many companies offer discounts to encourage online shopping.

Nowadays mobile phones are used not only for calling other people. Latest mobile phone has changed into a media device. You can see a movie and play songs. A cell phone reflects lifestyle of a person.