Life is a beautiful thing

peehu (ipcc student) (147 Points)

05 August 2011  


Life is a beautiful thing. The love for life helps us start each day, with our hearts filled with hope and passion. Each door opens and closes every ten seconds. You can sit and watch all the beautiful hopeful people walking in and out. My eyes gaze up every few minutes with a wry smile on my face to catch a glimpse of the expressions of every person – some hurried, some purposeful, some inquisitive and quizzical, some startled by the smile of familiarity that stares them in their faces. You could be the person walking in that door in the next ten seconds. I could be the next person walking out of the door. It really does not matter. Life is beautiful – to be captured and lived in these slots of ten seconds.

The different colors that the summer brings out, warms and uplifts the heart and helps to prevent it from shriveling and collapsing to the floor.

A little child gurgles to get attention, I look up, she gives a beaming smile, I smile back and I get back to my task at hand. The cycle repeats.

I am sitting and watching the greatest love story ever written and projected onto this canvas of life.

Through all the turmoils, a life truly worth living!