Learning to study: a checklist for students



For many, studying is a chore they’d rather put off till later. Which means the amount of work builds up, until it all has to be crammed into the last minute. Here’s a checklist of study tips to help avoid the rush, and study more effectively. 

  1. Have a specific place to study without distractions: somewhere quiet, without TV or music
  2. Study the hard subjects first, when you’re most alert and focused
  3. Try not to do too much studying at one time: you’ll get tired and overwhelmed
  4. Have a specific time of the day for studying, and make it the same time every day
  5. Work out how long you can concentrate for before you lose focus. It’s going to be different for everyone, so keep a track of your ideal concentration time. Then take breaks when you’re approaching your limit
  6. Have everything you need close by - books, notes, pens, pads, etc - all within easy reach
  7. Avoid eating a large meal before studying, as it will just make you drowsy
  8. Let friends and family know your allocated daily study time, and ask them not to disturb you
  9. Start studying when you say you will: delaying the start will only make the task harder
  10. One thing at a time: multitasking may sound smart, but it means you’re not giving each task your full attention
  11. Never study too close to going to sleep.

Follow a study system such as ASPIRE:

Approach your studies with a positive attitude
Survey the material to get an overview of the task
Piece it together
Inquire if you need more information
Relay your understanding in an interesting way
Evaluate your response